• Introducing hydrogen and ammonia as energy 

    Emission-free fuel for a carbon neutral future

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  • Powering the future with HELINOR's sustainable energy solution

    A powerful, clean energy solution

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  • Solar Panels by Verditek

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  • Introducing hydrogen and ammonia as energy

    Emission-free fuel for a carbon neutral future

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Green solutions for every vessel, everywhere.

Together, we can make a cleaner ocean space.

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Our Products

Our Powerbox is a modular system

  • Zero carbon emission energy
  • 10ft Powerhouse up to 1.9 Mw 
  • 20ft Powerhouse up to 3.8 Mw 
  • 40ft Powerhouse up to 7.6 Mw 
  • Compact, small footprint and light
  • Drag and -drop, scale up LEGO principle
  • For retrofit and new builds
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Scalable power technology Fuel Cell Systems.

Hydrogen and ammonia will play a crucial role as backbone fuel to decarbonise the maritime industry
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Single Solution PEM  Fuel Cell System

HELINOR's Marine ready Fuel Cell 45 & 60 kW engine.
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Powering the Future with HELINOR's Sustainable Energy Solution

HELINOR Energy provides groundbreaking Hydrogen solutions for maritime auxiliary and propulsion power.

Last element

Our technology converts ammonia and hydrogen into a clean energy at the point of use

Turn Key Solutions

No integration needed, plug and play.

Renewable Package

Our ammonia-hydrogen-to-power technology can be scaled


We carry out evaluations and risk assessments with ship classification societies.

Our Mission

HELINOR Energy provides ammonia and hydrogen to power for heavy-duty applications such as shipping, offshore and fisheries. From our headquarters in Florø Norway, HE produces Powerboxes, Powertowers and Powerhouses

Our Product and Technology Partner

Get onboard with us for a clearer horizon - we have a common responsibility.

Act as 2030 is today.
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