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Constructed for high efficiency and durability, Verditek Solar Italy's production line utilises nanowire technology to enhance electrical conductivity and safety. Thanks to their polymer construction, the PV panels are robust and semi-flexible but without the heavy aluminium frame and glass sheets required in conventional modules. The final product is less than 3mm thick, easy to install, and weighs less than 2.5kg/m² compared with 20-30 kg/m² for conventional panels. By using the same high quality monocrystalline cells employed in the very best PV modules, this delivers more watts per weight and can be applied easily to many surfaces without the need for bulky frames.

Ultra Lightweight

Reduced weight: 2.5 Kg/m² – 7 times less than traditional PV module of same size.


The module bends up to 35% using standard 160μm thick crystalline cells due to the use of polymer as the replacement for glass.

High Efficiency

Increased efficiency and longevity by reducing the temperature of PV module induced by the internal resistance.

10-20 Year Guarantee

Our proprietary technology is backed by a 10 year guarantee and 80% efficiency after 20 years.

Shade Protection Technology

The module will perform even when it is shaded by clouds or partially covered by leaves, dirt or snow.

Low Profile

Our technology is less than 3mm thick and can be applied to a surface to minimize or eliminate wind load. We work where conventional PV cannot.

Case Study Fast Ferries

In this case study, filling the roof with 210m² of solarpanel, weighing only 525 kg you can get up to 341 Kwh a day (Solar conditions from the gulf of Thailand).
Download Case Study

Panel Front Design

Choose between Gloss, Matt or Anti-slip.

State of the art

The best Nanotechnology ensures top of the line solar panels.

Flexible and Lightweight 

Perfect for ceilings with low load-bearing capacity, curved surfaces or both.

Customised Design

Custom project? We can customize the design based on your needs.

Ultra Thin

Comparison with a USB outlet.
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