Mose Modular Smart Electrolyzer

A Smart, Easy and Environmental friendly way to produce your own hydrogen.
Meet MOSE. By supplying water and electricity to the MOSE, you have a system able to produce 3-15 Nm3 of hydrogen an hour.

Modular Design

Unified Outlet

Plug & Play


Combine up to five MOSE 15 for a total of 75kW, each one contributes for 15 kW.BLU DEMI water module serves up to 5MOSE 15 modules, supplying demineralizedwater with conductivity less than 10 uS/cm.Possibility to add a regenerative dryer module.


Fully remote controllable via webapp.

  • Have full control over your production system

  • Monitor your production everywhere anytime

  • Regulate the production rate from your phone

Module to Module Connect

Every module outlet (H2 Vent and O2) is connected in-line with the following.

Download MOSE 15-75kW Brochure

The Fully modular MOSE Electrolyzer system, ready to be plugged in and produce the hydrogen you need.

MOSE 15kW Brochure

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MOSE & BluDEMI station

view brochure

BluDEMI station

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