Marine Fuel Cell Engine

MARINE Fuel Cell Engines

Unique Patented Controls

Optimized performance, self-protection, and maintenance of water balance under dynamic operating conditions.

Compact Compressor

Fully integrated and low parasitic power.

Hydrogen Ejector

100% passive fuel recirculation without power loss.
HELINOR's MARINE Fuel Cell Engines is a turn key solution as genset or power for electric propulsion. Complete IP67 unit with heat exchanger. Only light project needed. Under RINA approval.

Compact Engines

Designed for efficiency, reliability and ease of integration.

Unique Technology

At the core of integrated fuel cell engines.

Reliability and Durability

Designed for tough and versatile applications.

State-of-art Manufacturing 

That yields high quality products.

Comprehensive After Market Support

Provided world wide.


Fuel cell performance reduces fuel consumption and extends operating uptime.
MARINE EN 45 Fuel Cell Engine
MARINE EN 60 Fuel Cell Engine
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