Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage by

Patended Design

A Patended flexible design, makes retrofit easy

Electrolyzer Direct Coupling

Connect directly to your Electrolyser or Fuel Cell System for Low Pressure Storage

Modular Design

Flexibility is given by our unique custom module design


The Solid Hydrogen Storage system is a hydrogen storage solution that uses the metal hydride technology to store large amount of hydrogen in reduced volumes and safely. The system is able to operate at low pressure and ambient temperature, and it can be directly coupled with electrolysers and fuel cells

HYDOR S 20 - Single module

Storage Capacity

H2 capacity (nominal) kg 0,6 Energy stored kWh 20


Pressure bar 20 - 35

Temperature °C 15 - 25 H2 Flow max kg/h 0,4

Thermal Power required kW 1,5


(L x B x H) - mm 1500 x 295 x 75

HYDOR S 240 - Rack

Storage Capacity

H2 capacity (nominal) kg 7,6

Energy stored kWh 240


Pressure bar 20 - 35

Temperature °C 15 - 25

H2 Flow max kg/h 4,4

Thermal Power required kW 18


(L x B x H) - mm 1650 x 315 x 1100

From a BluEnergyRevolution research project MetHydor was born

BluEnergyRevolution developed a patended technology that has been testet onboart the Italian Regional Project BIIM, A hybrid boat created in Liguria that aims to test sustainable fuels and make the first required steps towards less polluting modes of transportation on the waters of the Mediterranean and other seas of the world is one of the first hydrogen boat prototypes to come from Italy.

MetHydor's patended Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage is used to Power a 45 kW fuel cell engine.

The technology is now beeing testet in Baglietto B-Zero project for hydrogen storage.

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