Power Tower EN 240

Designed for safety and endurance.

Why HELINOR fuel cells?

EN 240

The HELINOR Power Tower EN 240 consist of two 125 kW Fuel Cell Power Boxes, an inbuilt redundancy system design for safety and endurance. The load profile will be optimised for an extended life time of 30 000 hrs.

Genset Or Propulsion

The HELINOR Power Tower is tailored as auxiliary power systems, typically from 50 gt vessels and larger. Depending on sailing patterns, required cruise speed and vessel volume the HELINOR Power Tower will play a dominant role in hybrid propulsion systems. extended life time of 30 000 hrs.

EN 240F

The HELINOR horisontal Power Tower is perfect for retrofit, engine rooms with less or difficult access. Each Power Box is monitored online at the factory and the system provides full redundancy for safety and endurance.
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