ColdWaterMist, Lithium direct event handling system

A fire suppresion system.
Preventing thermal runaway in Lithium Ion Batterypacks

CWM System

The CWM fire suppression system is a highly effective solution for preventing lithium ion fire in battery / energy storage systems (BESS and ESS).

Cooling Effect

The water particles' large surface area evaporates quickly with the effect that large amounts of thermal energy are removed.

Inerting Effect

The water vapor acts as an inert gas that helps control and suppress the fire.

Shielding Effect

The water particles absorb radiant heat and thus reduce the likelihood of spreading to a minimum.

The CWM- system:

✓ Exceptional efficiency
✓ Significantly reduced downtime
✓ Minimal damages to the battery installation, equipment and vessel
✓ Minimal damages caused by control agent
✓ Minimal cost for down-time and repair

Thermal runaway has historically been virtually impossible to prevent.

With the CWM technology, this is no longer the case.
Once released the control agent creates an environment in which the Cooling-, Inerting-,and Shielding effects work together to suppress and control the rogue chemical process in the battery cells.

Rather than going into thermal runaway the CWM system produces a controlled burn out of the module.

Tests have demonstrated that the rest of the battery rack and installation is left intact and unharmed – ready to go!

CWM Extinguishing System - Cold Water Mist

Cooled water mist system

  • Event management system particularly suitable for controlled burning of battery cells

  • Both for air-cooled and water-cooled battery systems

  • Can be combined with NOVEC®

The technology is developed and patented:

  • People and environment
  • 100% safe for humans
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Reduces downtime

  • Reduces damage to installations, equipment and vessels

  • Minimizes damage caused by the extinguishing medium

  • Reduces costs of interrupted operation and repairs

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