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HELINOR Energy: A scale-up technology provider.

Sustainable innovations is essential. We will all share in the benefits in clean energy, nature is a key allay, whenever we restore the wild it will recapture carbon and bring back balance to our planet

We at HELINOR believe by working together we will witness a recovery and achieve stability. Commercial shipping contributes today about 3-4% of global CO2 emissions , the figure is set to to rise to 17% by 2050 if nothing is done. HELINOR Energy's hydrogen marine fuel cell modules can be a key contributor to the de-carbonization of shipping and offshore drilling activities

At HELINOR Energy we have a different mindset, speed and execution is essential for success
"The electric light bulb did not come from the continuous improvement of candles" 
Oren Harari

Our Values

Team Spirit

Open and Honest

Curious and Searching



Our Mission

HELINOR Energy provides groundbreaking Net Zero Hydrogen solutions for maritime applications such as auxiliary power and main propulsion power. From our headquarters in Norway, HE produces Hydrogen Fuel cell power boxes, towers and houses and provides wind, and solar power products as well as stacking of tailored batteries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most sought after sustainable energy solutions provider to the entire ocean space. Our business model and manufacturing facilities shall be replicated around the world. We shall move fast in scaling up for Giga projects. We have a joint responsibility in decarbonising the planet.

Meet the Team

Stian Antonsen

Co-Founder and CEO

Elling Helvig

Co-Founder and Chairman

Simone Brevi

Advisor - Industrialist

Fabio Brevi

Advisor - Industrialist

Development and Case Study Partners

Thomas Lamberti

Marine Engineer & Naval Architect

Annaliasa Bracco

Marine Engineer & Naval Architect
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6900 Florø
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